Update on New Album Progress

Well we are half-way through 2017 and I type this on the back-end of a gloriously sunny (and very hot!) week in June. There has been a lot of speculation on my future plans, especially as the release of ‘The Water’s Line’ in 2014 is now beginning to seem rather distant, plus I have always believed that to stay ‘relevant’ (whatever that entails) an artist must keep writing and releasing new material. A new album has been on the cards for a while but whilst the last couple of years have been very successful career-wise, they have been less kind on a personal level following a number of family bereavements, three miscarriages, various illnesses and – quite frankly – shit times. This does not make for happy song writing! However, I have never stopped writing entirely, it just becomes a matter of how do I best express¬†what am I writing about? Difficult circumstances often lend themselves to poetic representation, but equally they can hinder it. For example, one track I have recently completed took over 100 recorded demos/drafts, several lyric re-writes and about a year and a half in total before I considered it ‘complete’. Multiply that process by ten tracks and you can begin to understand why the new album has been taking so long. It’s not that I don’t know what to write about, it’s more a case of finding original and listenable ways to express something that can be rather unsettling. Life is not a straight-forward affair and neither is songwriting. This does not mean to say the new work is going to be one long downer – on the contrary, it contains far more optimism than cynicism – but I have found it a challenge to grapple with the realities of grief whilst decorating ¬†tunes with stark imagery. Perhaps I should just go instrumental… Anyhow, I am 7 songs in (the total number of ideas and demos probably equates closer to 700), I have the whole summer to try and pin down 3 more. I envisage a recording period over the winter and release sometime in Spring/early summer (latest) 2018. Wish me luck! Ant