Ant Noel’s new album Ferryman’s Wake is out now! Buy the new album as mp3 here: https://music.apple.com/gb/album/ferrymans-wake/1436802998?app=music. Plus have a listen to the first single The Jersey Lily here: 

From Ant’s new album of 2018:


Appraisal for Ant’s new album Ferryman’s Wake (released 2018) by The Musician magazine:


” A soulful set of rousing folk-rockers. Slice-of-life storytelling shines through on songs borne aloft by timeless melodies and epic arrangements ” The Musician (Spring edition 2019, MU quarterly journal)


Appraisal for Ant’s 3rd album The Water’s Line (released 2014) (purchase at gigs or see The Water’s Line page on this website for details):


” Noel is proving a rising star on acoustic stages across the south west and beyond thanks to a winning way with a tune and an intriguing lyric. His third album is packed with melodic twists and he steps out from his folk roots to capture a wider audience with his endearing songs ” The Musician (Winter edition 2014, MU quarterly journal)