The Water’s Line – now the hard work begins!

18th August 2014

It has been just over a month now since The Water’s Line had its release and already 100 copies have been sold, which is great news! This is where the hard work really begins as a self-promoting musician as cds need to be sent out to countless radio stations, to magazines and bloggers for review and to gig promoters for bookings. Sometimes it requires hours, if not days and weeks, stuck behind the desk and computer sorting it all out whilst trying to find the means to earn a living at the same time. For every superstar, major-label backed performer, there are hundreds of grassroots artists going it alone. We need your help! If you enjoy the music, please, buy my album, tell people about my album, play people my album, come to the gigs, and take 5 minutes of your time to write an Amazon or CD Baby review of my album. Musicians work to make you feel happy, to make your life – and our own – more pleasureable (and bearable), but just as importantly, to create art and to make a legacy of creation. I will always value your support so long as you value the art I create. Thank you.